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Tips for Garden Hose Shopping

People often think of a garden hose is simply that – a tool that enables them to take water from a source to any part of their home, especially the garden. What they may not know is that garden hoses come in various shapes and sizes. Truth is, many typical garden hoses are coupled with some significant risks, like lead contamination (from the materials that were used to make them).

Should you be putting yourself at risk with such types of hoses? Certainly not! When shopping for a garden hose, keep the following in mind:


First and foremost, the material of which your garden hose is made has to be safe. Polyurethane is one example and is one of the longest-lasting as well. Anyhow, make sure the hose has been tested and proven safe for humans, even for drinking. That means the material or materials mustn’t degrade over time and seep into the water. Also, they shouldn’t absorb any elements coming from the environment.


When a hose is recyclable, it is good for the environment. Garden hoses like this aren’t all that many, but looking for one is surely worth the work.

See-Through Property

The advantage of the clear hose is being able to see debris that may cause or be causing a clog. Then you can let the water run for a few seconds to remove the blockage and at the same time clean the hose.

No Kinks

Everyone hates hoses that kink, so don’t forget to look into this when shopping for a garden hose. You’ll be glad to know that there are many garden hoses out there that are made kink-proof, but do check anyway before buying any.

Insulated Garden Hoses

No-freeze garden hoses, also called insulated garden hoses or heated garden hoses, provide a number of impressive advantages. One, given that the hose is transparent, sunlight is able to enter its interior and perform some degree of sanitizing action. On top of that, these hoses use pressure from the water source to flush out impurities and clean itself entirely. Once you turn off the tap, water will be forced out so that the interior can remain dry when not in use. In addition, these hoses can flatten completely, further reducing the chances of debris getting stuck inside. Lastly, if you’ve always wondered how to keep your garden hose from freezing, an anti-freeze is no doubt the answer. Nylon fittings are responsible for the insulation effects of this type of hose. And considering that these nylon fittings are crush-proof too, you can drive your car over an insulated hose and it will stay intact.

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